Sunday, April 08, 2007


6 - 8 APRIL 2007

the ticket

the sticker

the place

the merchandise

the fan

the girl

the rules

the entrance

the race

the car

the lap

the pitstop

the crowd
the hill

the spectator

the flag

the earplug

the vvip

the celebrity

the winner

the driver

the end

- see u next year! thanks to my lovely wife for the tickets.

Friday, April 06, 2007

sent file as an attachment from unix

for my reference & knowledge sharing on how to sent text file as an attachment from unix.
most of the ways i found on net, they suggest to do like this:
$ uuencode filename.txt attachment_name.txt | mailx -s "file attach"
it works fine but you'll not get the same format as your original file. in other word the text file format totally screw up!

so you should using this instead:
$ unix2dos -437 filename.txt | uuencode attachment_name.txt | mailx -s "file attach"
go figure out yourself what -437 is for :P