Monday, March 08, 2010

zimbra rocks!

after weeks of struggling installing & configuring zimbra, we finally managed to get it done :)

1st attempt was trying to install on top of FreeBSD - failed! tak cukup tinggi ilmu FreeBSD aku ni :P tapi mmg banyak buang masa dok troubleshooting sana sini...

2nd attempt was on Fedora 11 - yey success :) pretty straight forward & not very complicated, just that you better read the requirements/how-to 1st before proceed with the installation. if not you gonna stuck like me hahahahhaa

the web mail interface

so far for me, zimba is the best opensource mail and collaboration suite i ever tried. it comes with AJAX Mail & Address Book, Shared Calendering, AJAX Documents, Tasks and Briefcase & the best part is Instant Messaging inside the webmail. ala macam gmail chat tu.

autocomplete email address when composing email

autocomplete email address when sharing appointment in calendar

IM inside the webmail. cool eh!

there are a few editions of zimbra, but we just use the opensource editions. FOC! but if you are not an opensource fan, no worry you can always go for enterprise/professional versions. go here for the comparisons.

web administration

for admin backend here is the features - Web/CLI administration, Online backup/restore, Storage management, Multi-domain support, Integrated Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus & many more!
gila senang nak maintain ;)

admin interface for managing user accounts

thats not just it, they also have desktop client for those not fancy web based email. and also for migration purposes they offer pst to zimbra conversion, migration wizard for Exchange & Domino. cool! FOC too.

i'm still new with zimbra but those yg nak migrate their email systems to zimbra boleh la contact aku kalo stuck kat mana2. tapi kalo nak suruh aku buat from a to z pun boleh gak, tapi kena la ada pengerasnya ya ;)

p/s: hmmm ape pengeras aku nak mintak ek?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

18sx toilet

i bet u gonna spend extra longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time in this toilet :P

p/s: location? in a club somewhere in KL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

musim hujan

lama sungguh aku tidak mengemaskini blog aku ni... cerita2 pun dah jadi basi hehehehe. nak cerita apa pun aku tak tau...

since sekarang ni musim hujan, saksikan Hujan perform during Mister Potato event kat Mist Club, Bangsar.

kalo nak tgk pictures depa, visit fb aku ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Project Alpha

nantikan kemunculan Project Alpha in Astro featuring me & jojo

huhuhuhu korang jgn jelesss :P

no la, just kidding. actually featuring...

me & redmummy

p/s: me jadik pak pacak jer :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ssh tips

most of our servers have timeout for ssh connections or probably the routers or firewalls configured to cut the connections if no data is transferred in either direction after a certain time interval, basically by the time i came back from lunch, all ssh connections will be disconnected. sucks right?

there are 2 ways to prevent this to happen. either do it from the servers or clients side.

1st way: reconfigure sshd on the servers like this:
edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config put ClientAliveInterval 60
and don’t forget to restart sshd on the server;)

2nd way: if you have a bunch lot of servers, i bet you don't want to edit all the servers configs. the easier way is to configure on the client end.

- if your're using linux desktop edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config and add the line:
ServerAliveInterval 60

- if you're using putty - under Connection, put non-zero value for:
Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off).
eg. 60

- if you're using cygwin edit ~/.ssh/config and add these lines:
Host *
TCPKeepAlive no

ServerAliveInterval 60

or u just can put below options when execute ssh command:
$ ssh -o TCPKeepAlive=no -o ServerAliveInterval=60 servername

so now i can have a longer lunch break huhuhuhuu ;)

oh btw, i've dumped putty + PuTTY Connection Manager, now using cygwin + puttycyg.
with puttycyg, at least u're not stuck with the crap "cmd.exe" windows that comes with cygwin, unless u install Cygwin/X lor. betul dak jep?

1 more thing, ssh to outside world is block from within our company network. here is the trick - reconfigure your sshd to run on port 443. on cygwin install corkscrew, then put these in the ~/.ssh/config
Host outside_server
ProxyCommand corkscrew your_company_proxy_ip 8080 %h 443

$ ssh outside_server
walla you're now on outside world!

again, if u're using putty - under Connection - Proxy. oh thanks to apai!

p/s: wife aku dok komplen "ape yg awk dok buat ngan screen hitam tu, tak ceria langsung..." eh hitam bukan sebarang hitam ya ;)