Thursday, December 24, 2009

18sx toilet

i bet u gonna spend extra longgggggggggggggggggggggggg time in this toilet :P

p/s: location? in a club somewhere in KL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

musim hujan

lama sungguh aku tidak mengemaskini blog aku ni... cerita2 pun dah jadi basi hehehehe. nak cerita apa pun aku tak tau...

since sekarang ni musim hujan, saksikan Hujan perform during Mister Potato event kat Mist Club, Bangsar.

kalo nak tgk pictures depa, visit fb aku ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Project Alpha

nantikan kemunculan Project Alpha in Astro featuring me & jojo

huhuhuhu korang jgn jelesss :P

no la, just kidding. actually featuring...

me & redmummy

p/s: me jadik pak pacak jer :(

Thursday, July 30, 2009

ssh tips

most of our servers have timeout for ssh connections or probably the routers or firewalls configured to cut the connections if no data is transferred in either direction after a certain time interval, basically by the time i came back from lunch, all ssh connections will be disconnected. sucks right?

there are 2 ways to prevent this to happen. either do it from the servers or clients side.

1st way: reconfigure sshd on the servers like this:
edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config put ClientAliveInterval 60
and don’t forget to restart sshd on the server;)

2nd way: if you have a bunch lot of servers, i bet you don't want to edit all the servers configs. the easier way is to configure on the client end.

- if your're using linux desktop edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config and add the line:
ServerAliveInterval 60

- if you're using putty - under Connection, put non-zero value for:
Seconds between keepalives (0 to turn off).
eg. 60

- if you're using cygwin edit ~/.ssh/config and add these lines:
Host *
TCPKeepAlive no

ServerAliveInterval 60

or u just can put below options when execute ssh command:
$ ssh -o TCPKeepAlive=no -o ServerAliveInterval=60 servername

so now i can have a longer lunch break huhuhuhuu ;)

oh btw, i've dumped putty + PuTTY Connection Manager, now using cygwin + puttycyg.
with puttycyg, at least u're not stuck with the crap "cmd.exe" windows that comes with cygwin, unless u install Cygwin/X lor. betul dak jep?

1 more thing, ssh to outside world is block from within our company network. here is the trick - reconfigure your sshd to run on port 443. on cygwin install corkscrew, then put these in the ~/.ssh/config
Host outside_server
ProxyCommand corkscrew your_company_proxy_ip 8080 %h 443

$ ssh outside_server
walla you're now on outside world!

again, if u're using putty - under Connection - Proxy. oh thanks to apai!

p/s: wife aku dok komplen "ape yg awk dok buat ngan screen hitam tu, tak ceria langsung..." eh hitam bukan sebarang hitam ya ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Victoria’s Secret SALE!!!

i'm now into online business :)
for those looking for Victoria’s Secret products go to Victoria’s Secret SALE!!!

for other products such as PAC Beauty, Biore Cleansing Oil, Sutera Terengganu, Gin & Jacqie Bags etc go to Shop@RM

So ape lagi, belikan la utk bini/girlfriend/mistress korang hehehehe. Thanks.

p/s: VS nyer bau mmg very the sexy... sure naik nafsu syahwat! utk yg berumahtangga sahaja!!! tu belum lingerie dia lagi huhuhu :P

Monday, June 22, 2009

its 4mb now

speedtest from

after a week waiting for technician to come to upgrade my streamyx, now its finally 4mb yeyyy ;)
currently TM has promotion for this package for only rm160/month. before i was paying rm88/month plus italk voice plan rm38/month total up rm126.

speedtest from

together with this 4mb package i choose the rm10/month for my voice plan, so just additional rm44 monthly. on top of that i got free wireless router plus free cordless phone. good deal kan?

the free wireless router

so ade sesapa nak beli wireless router lama aku ni?

now me happily youtubing... even from wireless connection, youtube seems smoothly streaming, tak de la tersekat2 :P kalo tersekat pung tak la berjanggut nak tunggu cam dulu ;)
ooo torrent lom test lagi ni... nanti2 la...

p/s: tapi cordless phone tak dapat lagi ni iskk iskk... boleh stok tak dak lak? pe citer ni TM?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

blackberry as modem

all this while i never bothered to configure my blackberry to be a modem. probably the reason was my laptop is company property, malas la nak godek barang orang ni. plus legal admin right pun takde for the laptop (illegal or backdoor ade la hehehehe sssyhhhhhh)

but since we bought our new Lenovo netbook, semangat la sket nak menggodek. here are the steps how to turn your blackberry to be a modem. mine is Curve 8310.

1. install BlackBerry Desktop Manager. download here.
- once installed, connect your berry to your laptop & launch the apps. make sure the status "Connected" like pic above.

2. go to Control Panel -> Phone and Modem Options. select Modem -> Standard Modem. click on Properties. click on Diagnostics -> Query Modem
- there should be some messages "BlackBerry IP Modem, Research In Motion bla bla bla..."

then click on Advanced, u can see there is a column "Extra initialization command"
put this line into that column:
- for MAXIS = at+cgdcont=1,"IP","net"
- for CELCOM = at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”celcom3g”

then go to Control Panel -> Network Connections (we need to create new connection for this modem)
- select Create a new connections -> Next -> select Connect to the internet -> Next -> select Set up my connection manually -> select Connect using a dial up modem -> (if you have more than 1 modem, select the modem we configured just now)
- give the ISP Name eg. berry maxis
- in Phone number, put *99#

User name & Password:
for MAXIS put User name = maxis & Password = wap
for CELCOM = no need to key in any information, leave it blank.

once finished, double click the shortcut & Dial

if everything is OK, you are now connected ;)

the speed, hmmm not so bad & quite resonable la for surfing purpose. at least if desperate nak pakai internet & no reachable free wifi, boleh la pakai ni...

p/s: credits goes to sukablackberry

Sunday, June 14, 2009

zoo taiping














antara hasil petikan… tak larat nak upload banyak2 ;)

p/s: singa & rimau manjang tido jer… hampeh tul!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

bila tangan gatal memetik

semenjak 2 menjak ni aku dah terjebak ke alam baru. selama ni aku hanya melihat & memerhatikan member2 aku seorang demi seorang terjerumus ke alam yg asyik ini. tapi aku masih lagi tidak goyang walaupun hampir setiap masa diracuni oleh mereka supaya mengikuti jejak langkah mereka.

tetapi air dicincang tak akan putus, eh silap peribahasa pulak! tetapi lekuk juga batu jika dititik air selalu. ye dak?

akhirnya aku tumpas juga... aku kini terjerumus ke alam yg mengasyikkan itu.

peh apa yg aku mengarut ni. actually aku baru berjinak2 dengan DSLR daaa... a few months back bini aku hadiah kan aku sebijik Canon 450D! well actually sebab nak tangkap gambar utk blog dia tu la... dah manjang pergi event sana sini, tak syok la pulak pakai Canon IXUS tu!

tapi dah beberapa bulan pakai rasa cam tak puas lak asik layan kit lens dia tu. tu yg tajuk bila tangan dah makin gatal memetik, tu yang dapat hasil ni...

50mm f/1.8 II & 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS sekali ngan UV filter. sambar gak bagpack. dapat la free lens hood tokey kedai tu bagi. murah2 jer lens tu, bajet ciput. lagipun baru nak berjinak2, amik gambar pun tak betul lagi. layan la bajet lens dulu ye dak... nanti insyallah ade rezeki lebih, leh la sambar L lens :P

hasil petikannya nanti2 la aku upload, dah transfer kat PC lagi satu. malas nak mengopy!

p/s: tu pun hadiah dari bini gak, dia cakap 3 tahun nyer birthday presents daaa... 3 tahun pun 3 tahun la... janji dapat. anyway TQ yang ;)

p/s2: sorry geng Nikon, Canon it is! :P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SCO OpenServer

another unix flavor added into my portfolio, SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 ;)
friend of mine asked me to do the SCO installation last friday. upfront i told him that i never do any of SCO installation before so don't expect it will go smoothly. well i was right, it didn't go the way it should. we stayed up till 4am but still couldn't get it installed. dang!!!

the hardware is Dell PowerEdge R200. at first it was SATA CDROM issue. somehow SCO couldn't detect it if its connected to 2nd or 3rd SATA port. we opened up & changed to port 0 then it good to go. then half way through the hard disk couldn't be detected! turned out the SCO installation CD doesn't have this Dell RAID Controllers driver. after googling, downloading & burning necessary files, we finally made it through. yeyyy!!!

one thing about SCO installation script, it sucks big time. we have to find out ourselves on how to load those addtional drivers. there's no help or note during the installation tell us how to do so. we even need to key in all those license & code key during the installation. couldn't it wait once it get installed? well, anyway we successfully installed it, now time to configure.

on the same time we also did the FreeBSD 7.2 installation. on the same spec of hardware but the installation was straight forward & perfect. we even only use the bootonly cd, the rest downloaded through mirror. freebsd rock, SCO scissors hehehehehe :P

p/s: probably you all wonder why not use other unix or linux for that SCO box, but according to my friend, it was their legacy application running on Infromix database that only can run on SCO. whatever lor... (janji payment aku jgn lupa! hehhehe)

Friday, March 20, 2009

tab for putty

have u ever wish putty comes with the tabbing? your wish come true :)

get PuTTY Connection Manager here -

p/s: baru terasa cam pakai konsole KDE ;)

Monday, March 02, 2009

data center

its has been quite sometime for me not visiting data center. i think it was like 1 year plus ago. not like friend of mine ni, tiap2 hari kuor masuk dc :P

but recently we have a project to build up new infrastructure that made me visiting this freezing dc again.

as u can see from the pics here, this new infrastructure will consists of 4 HP BladeSystem c7000 rack up in 2 racks and 2 of NetApp FAS6080 also in 2 racks.

HP BladeSystem c7000 rear view

from the 1st pic you can see 2 HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures. the upper enclosure consists of 4 full-height (FH) Server Blades with 8 Virtual Connect modules (rear view). we gonna install VMWare ESX servers here to host windows & linux as clients.
and the lower enclosure consists of 16 half-height (HH) Server Blades with 4 Virtual Connect modules. these will be installed with linux.

NetApp FAS6080 front view

NetApp FAS6080 rear view

and each of the NetApp FAS6080 comes with 21terabytes of disk storage. so total up is 42terabytes. huge huh!

p/s: storage tu aku rasa lebih dari cukup utk mirror kan semua porn or torrent oss projects :P

Sunday, March 01, 2009

ubuntu + 32" Sony Bravia LCD

well, its actually Ubuntu Live CD running on my Dell Latitude D830. Unfortunately couldn't get it to work in full screen. maleh nak godek sbb lagipun running from live cd.

and this is XP. perfecto!

p/s: now what i need is the new wireless keyboard & mouse ;)
leh la surfing from couch jer hehehehee

Thursday, February 26, 2009

bunyi yang dilihat

baru balik dari melayan Konsert Alam Muzik M. Nasir di Istana Budaya sebentar tadi. best giler! superb!

actually konsert ni start esok 27, 28 Feb & 1 Mac, mlm ni tadi kiranya warm up session la hehehe. org2 terpilih jer leh gi tgk ;) (thanks to my SIL)
tapi tadi emcee dia ckp tickets all sold out. hahaha padan muka korang tak dpt tgk!!! and padan muka redmummy tak dpt pegi kena jaga anak2 hehehhe

berakustik lagu kelate

1 2 3 do re mi apa nak jadi alif ba ta a b c

rasa cam nak berjoget pun ade tadi, sib baik la kat istana budaya, kalo dak sure jadik joget lambak!

Dalam hutan
Ada taman
Dan dalam taman
Ada puterinya
Dalam baju
Ada cinta
Dan dalam cinta
Ada segala-galanya

p/s: dan cinta itu penuh keindahan... kasih dan sayang....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

jakarta dong!

some tips utk sesapa yg nak pegi:
- conversion rates prepare awal2 buat dlm excel (cth: 10k rupiahs = rm3.40, 100k rupiahs = rm34 and so on). ni belajar dr Kak Ann Singapore
- better book transportation before sampai sana. boleh compare rates from below links. kalo booking awal2 leh la dpt discount ;) or email my wife for our driver last time.
- hotel - pandai2 la korang carik, tp dgr citer hotel2 yg bertaraf berbintang2 mahal gila. thanks to ghadoghado, save duit hotel kitorang :)
- shopping places aka my wife second home - byk tpt shopping, ade setgh tempat sehari suntuk pun tak sempat cover - tanah abang, pondok indah mall, senayan city, itc kuningan, mayestik, pasaraya, mangga dua, eh byk lagi la. tapi tak sempat nak pegi. tak cukup masa daaa. bagus gak, kalo idak lg barai poket hahahahha
- theme park - ancol dreamland (ni kira ala2 sunway lagoon la tp tak sempat gak pegi, lgpun hujan)
- monas - org ckp kalo pi jakarta mesti gi sini
- makan/minum - nasi padang mesti cuba, sup bontot sedappp (sup ekor daaa), ayam presto (ayam tu dia cook sampai tulang dia jadik rapuh so leh telan sekali), bakso, ikan barongan bakar, gado-gado, local kuih muih, avocado coklat, teh botol, teh kocok etc...
- spa/massage - try la martha tilaar or mustika ratu. pehhh sodappppp

lagi satu kat sini byk budak2 buat services bukan2 semata2 nak cari duit (cth: bukakkan pintu keta, angkatkan brg, sewakan payung kalo hujan, yg sedihnya bila kita sewa payung depa, depa lak berhujan selamba, macam2 lagi la) so ringan2 kan la menghulur berapa2 yg termampu ;)

last but not least belajar la ckp bahasa indonesia ye pak, so gampang nak berurus niaga :D

apa2 pun jakarta itu indah, seindah pondoknya (ni lagi details)

p/s: tapi tak semuamya indah la... especially on their traffic jam (lagi teruk dari KL) & banjir time musim hujan and lagi satu jurang kehidupan antara yg kaya dan yang miskin bagai langit dan bumi. yg kaya terlampau kaya, yg miskin even budak2 kecil buat apa saja utk mencari sesuap nasi... satu permandangan yg menghibakan...