Saturday, October 27, 2007


touched down Houston airport at 130pm local time on last Sun. my colleague was kind enough to pick me up & show me around before taking me to my hotel.

i'm staying near to Texas Medical Center. this huge area is not only for medical thingy like clinics, hospitals, pharmacies or medical centers but also place of schools, universities, museums, park etc (tpt org2 cam hannan & shah hehehe)
after all, houston is famous for their medical expertise.
the first few days here was kinda tough for me since my head still following KL time, jetlag gila! on that monday i still sleep following KL time, from 11am till 7pm local time and can't sleep at all on that night. as a result i'm like a zombie the next morning in the office :D

then try to adjust with their different things over here from food, people up to their weather is another challenge. i don't mind the others but i miss malaysian food very much :(

taking this metro rail to office

downtown, houston. near to my office

but now i'm OK already, no more jetlag :). so time to explore houston!
more to come. stay tune!

p/s: weekend ni nak pegi survey2, my lailing dah bagi list to shop ni ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


alang2 dah sampai LA ni, rugila kalau tak singgah hollywood kan...
let the photos tell what happening here :)

jalan straight masuk dlm leh nampak tulisan hollywood yg besar tu

zooommmmm... sorry kabur. my camera lense tak cukup panjang :P

Hollywood Blvd streets view

ade org buat breakdance show tu yg ramai org tgk. mamat punk tu pun layan breakdance hehehee


this is for abang

this is for gegirl

this is for mummy. eh bukan! mummy punya ade yang lain :P

ada a few spots still kosong, ade sesapa nak try buh nama dia leh la try :P

ha this for mummy ;)

happening gila kat hollywood blvd tu, tapi bila sorang2 kat sini tak rasa happening langsung :(

dinner pun sorang2 dlm bilik. layan vege pizza

tapi luckily leh webcam. hilang rindu sket :)

p/s: nak tido dah. esok nak bgn pagi kul 5am to catch a flight to Houston.


after 18 hours flight,

1 hour transit at Taipei,

1 hour plus questioned by US immigration officers and looking for my luggage that went missing but luckily found it back at missing luggage counter :P,
i finally safely landed in LA.

Now resting at one of the hotels here before taking next morning flight to Houston where I'm going to work untill end of this year.

That 2 months plus... gonna miss my loves
infact i already miss them ishhh :( sedih betul kena tinggalkan anak bini ni...
but thank to technology, we going to webcam to each other :) hopefully dapat lah hilangkan rindu sket.

babai mummy, abang, adik & epi. take good care! hugs & kisses :*

p/s: nak kuor jap carik makanan, lapar la pulak. local time now at 4:30pm 20th Oct

Friday, October 19, 2007

happy birthday to me

thanks for all the wishes... doakan saya supaya panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki & as well as yg macam my mem doakan... amin ;)

on the other hand, ticket is ready now for me to fly again...

where to? to update later...
bz tahap cipan ni!

Monday, October 01, 2007


how do you feel when you found out your car with flat tyre? sure tension !@#$%^& bengang!

this is what happened to me this morning... well, not 1 but 2 tyres!!! front & rear. arghhh double bengang!!!

to make thing worst even after pumped the tyres with the just_bought_ten_ringgit pump, the air still came out from the valves. dang!!!

no other choice, replaced the front one with the spare, put a jack for the rear one then put them on my father in law's car & headed to workshop.

turned out the valves spoiled already, changed a new ones, put them back then all went fine. pheww!!!

my thinking this was a dengki kianat job, bukan nak menuduh especially bulan puasa ni but kalau 1 tayar logic la jugak, ni sampai dua2 flat. confirm dengki kianat punya kerja!!!

the reason i said that simply because i just rent this parking since last week (selama ni parking luar), tapi within last week jugak, 2 days in a row ada kereta lain parking kat situ, aku report guard so kena clamped la kereta tuh (rm50 kena bayar utk bukak) well paham2 la, sure mamat tu balas dendam punya.

well what to do... people have their own ways... for me "the tyre is round" ;)

p/s: bengang kurang sket sbb red mummy dah pujuk baik punya hehehehe