Friday, August 29, 2008


i'm now tgh bengkok at Bangkok ;P

condoms are provided in the hotel room ;)

cool giler tshirts kat sini

to be updated later...

p/s: u can see clearly the pole girls at patpong night bazaar. dang!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hujan at Levi’s Launch Party@Ruums KL, 23rd August 2008


p/s: sorry... memory full tu pasal semua lagu dpt separuh jek :P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

lets have fun

UPDATE 18/08/08

ok got it. wilayah celcom ni ada kat memana ;)
thanks guys!

i'm ready for main course now....

sweet dream A-XX-XX

what would u do if someone who barely knows u and u too barely know him, making fun of u?

A. Nothing
B. Just ignore
C. Counter attack
D. None of the above

me, i chose D bcos i think the right thing to do is to have "the fun"? it is very rude of u if u're not playing along with them, right?. so lets have fun.

for appetizer, anybody working with Celcom can give me the home address for this fun maker - 019-316XXXX

ooo by the way, this fun maker is also a Celcom staff.

lets play some balls. shall we...

p/s: apparently he has no balls to meet me face to face. dang! now who's balls i'm going to play with!!!