Friday, February 29, 2008

mwalker mp4 player

due to excellent performance we did last year, all of us received a mwalker KRYTON BL338 mp4 player from the management as token of appreciation. yeayyy!!!

playing mp3 music

playing avi music video

among the features are:
# 2.2" TFT display, slim design
# Support AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA and WAV format
# Support mini SD expansion
# Built in speaker
# Dual headphone jack
# FM & Voice recording
# USB flash disk
# Removable and replaceable Li-lon rechargeable battery
# Built-in FM receiver and FM recording function
# Segment repeat function
# 7 EQ Mode
# Song lyric display function
# Digital Voice Recorder
# Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
# Built in 2GB memory

not bad at all, just that the buttons a bit hard to press...
tq boss ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

housekeeping core files

since i've enabled the coreadm for all my solaris servers, i keep getting alerts on file systems full cause of fill up by those core files.

# coreadm
global core file pattern: /var/cores/%f.%n.%p.core
init core file pattern: core
global core dumps: enabled
per-process core dumps: enabled
global setid core dumps: enabled
per-process setid core dumps: enabled
global core dump logging: enabled

so i came out with this 1 liner. put in the crontab. problem solved ;)

# cd /var/cores; find . -type f -name \*core ! -name \*.gz -mtime +1 -exec gzip {} \;

find . - find files in the current directory
-type f - find only file type, not directory or link
-name \*core - find only *core filename
! -name \*.gz - skip the .gz files
-mtime +1 - files before today's date
-exec gzip {} - gzip the files

go here on how to enable the core dump:

Sunday, February 03, 2008

ning baizura's wedding

we got an invitation to go to Ning Baizura's wedding last saturday at matrade (my wife yang dapat invite, aku folow jer la hehehe)

memang macam ala2 kampung la, from the decoration, foods, people etc...

yang paling aku suka, wedding ni very2 tak formal, ko nak makan ke nak minum ke, nak joget lambak ke, nak mengumpat ke, yada yada sukati ko la... sebijik la cam kenduri kawin kat kampung... cuma tak leh hisap rokok jer kat dlm dewan tu, kalo tidak 100% kampung ;)

tapi yg tak best nyer nasik sampai lambat, org dah habih meratah lauk baru nasik sampai... but overall memang best!

for more photos of the wedding go to my lailing blog