Saturday, March 22, 2008

random photos from singapore trip

the truth is, aku mmg malas nak update blog ni... so aku upload jer la gbr2 kat singapura ni...

tpt ni nama dia clinic

laju sgt kereta ni, tu yg gambar gegar tu :P

menjerit tak ingat depa ni hahahaha

london cab. kena byr extra 5 dolar rasanya

but among other interesting stuff in singapore, 1 thing i obviously notice that people in here, their dressing very2 the stylo if compare to malaysia baik lelaki atau pompuan and wayyy more sexierrrrr, seksa aku tengok :P
tengok jer yang hehehehee jgn mare ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

gerek sih

org singapore mmg baik hati ;)
thanks to abang shah, hubby kak latifah (redmummy's reader) yang sudi pinjam kan power cable. pastu siap belanja burger king lagi.

so bernyawa balik laptop aku nie... hehehe cuma internet jek selo semacam je kat sini. bih tu internet hotel sini kena bayar... ingatkan as guest free la... hampeh!

pastu gi starbuck td ingat nak connect internet, sama gak.. kena bayar jugak :(

last2 ni kat bilik hotel curik wireless org hehehehe

so gambar2 kena tunggu later2 la baru leh upload!

Monday, March 10, 2008


touched down singapura petang semalam. kali ni just 1 week jer to attend training.

tapi yang tensionnyer ade bende tertinggal lak. sd card reader tertinggal. so tokleh nak tranfer gambar. baru nak tunjuk gambar london cab hehehe.
pastu siap laptop punya power cable pun tertinggal... arghhhh langsung tak leh wat kerja. bateri pun dah kong!!!

dah tua gamaknyer aku :P

org2 singapore yg baik hati, ade sesape leh pinjam kan power cable dak? laptop hp

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Your Office Dress Code?

i think (well this is what i can see, didn't bother to check the hr guideline) our office dress code is business casual. if we refer to the wiki link, that mean we can wear:

* for women: capris/long shorts are acceptable as casual dress and regular dress if they are "tailored" and of a dress pant material (usually not denim or heavy cotton) or a tennis shirt and trousers. Shoes like pumps and business sandals (barefoot only).

* for men, a combination of collared shirt (perhaps a tennis shirt instead of a dress shirt) and cotton trousers (such as khakis), shoes such as loafers or black toe-covered sandals (barefoot only) are generally acceptable.

and most of us normally just wear jeans, collared shirt & cap for me hehehehehe. but how about tshirt? is it consider business casual? well, yes according to my colleague. he even wear this tshirt to office today :P

how cool is that...
selamber rawk jek!!!