Saturday, November 24, 2007


so far aku dah jumpa a few halal places for makan2 yg at least not so far from my hotel. not so far tu dlm 30min to 1hour drive gak la. yahoooo macam2 ada dr chinese, indian, middle east etc... the taste boleh la tahan... alhamdulillah janji kenyang :)

ni kalau aku rajin nak masak leh la beli sini
tapi they serve the portion mak datuk bapak gajah punya banyak, normally leh abih kan half of it jek. kalau la aku leh abihkan all the food yg they served, balik nanti sure lailing tak kenal aku lak nanti ;P

lailing kat klia: do u see my husband? look like you, handsome like you but a bit slimmer?

p/s: the weather getting colder and colder. dang!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

fsck /dev/oncall

last weekend was not very good weekend for me. sucks big time! i was oncall last week. there was no page at all during the week days. but on friday my bos told me that there will be a power outage in one of our DC this weekend. they want to do something with the power supply & will fail over the power to generators. my thinking, i should not be worried then since the power will still be there. but i was wrong!

on saturday i got paged as early as 7am. one by one our servers rebooting. login to office's vpn and looked at our monitoring tool. shit! all of our servers rebooted & a few of them still down including 4 out of 6 our cluster servers! i knew something was not right.
connected to console to check what wrong with the servers. some of them crashed & needed fcsk, some of them keep on rebooting with root_mount_not_found and some other weird errors that i never encountered before.
my boss called and told me to go to DC. he's coming too of cos. i was there till 10pm doing fsck the servers. we managed to recover all except 1 server and continue on Sunday till 12pm.
there goes my weekend...
but out of it i learned a lot of things especially recovering root filesystems on solaris disk suite, veritas volume manager & veritas cluster server as well as the preasure behinds it when the big bos keeps asking when will the systems back online.
what went wrong was the generator failed!!! fsck /dev/generator

p/s: in total i received 100 over paged

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linux Explorer

it has been a while i'm not writing about tech unix/linux stuff here. so here we go...

we are having a strange problems with one of our linux servers here - Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS (Pensacola) running on Sun Fire V60 (hardware ni dah end of service dah pung)

this machine keeps on automatically reboot by itself at least once a week. no significant errors found in log files, even i turned on everything in syslog.conf from debugging till all the info.

but since we still have vendor support for this machine, i logged a call to them. so they ask me to install Linux Explorer ala2 Sun Explorer to collect some data so they can dig in for further analysis.

Linux Explorer (LINUXexplo) indeed is a cool tool, well actually it just a shell script. once you excute it, it will generate a .gz file so you can easily pass to the vendor or you can also check by yourself under /opt/LINUXexplo/linux/ where all the info/data saved.

example of info/data collected:
# ls
boot etc httpd logs network rhn selinux system X
disks hardware kernel lp proc san software var yp

but sad to say, the vendor also couldn't find anything that caused the reboot :(
anyone can help me here?

Monday, November 12, 2007

cafe malay

this is one of the restaurants recommended by my colleagues who have been here before. they said kalau rindu malaysian food, try la this restaurant and of cos we did. again with google maps printout we drive to the restaurant. actually this is our 2nd attempt to go here. the 1st was failed, well probably we went there during night time so susah sket nak jumpa :P

this is our menu for lunch. rasa dia boleh la tahan, so far the closest we can get. macam2 ada sini roti canai, nasi lemak etc...

but before that we went to this shopping complex call The Galleria. ni kira ala2 macam Suria KLCC la with all the branded & designer shoes, clothes etc... kira one of the biggest gak la. kalo ade lailing sure dia suka giler shopping sini :D

to kill some times before we heading back, we drive all the way through their freeway I-610 make it 1 round :P but still it is still early, then we decided to catch a movie at bayou place in teather district area.

batu keras

eye on houston ;P

kebetulan ade la pulak cam exhibition kat area ni - houston freedom fest. ape lagi kitorang pun layan jer la sementara nak tunggu our movie show time.

by the way, we watched Lions for lambs, cam hampeh!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

i just came back from a trip to Houston Space Center. thanks to google maps even though it took an hour to get there (ntah kemana2 aku sesat hahaha)

inside the center
best giler naik mende ni ;P
Star Wars space ship pun ada

1st malaysian spaceflight participant or whatever they want to call it, bangga gak la ada gambar Dr Sheikh Muzaffar kat sini.

lupa la apa nama rockets ni

this is the real mission control center

this is where all the astronauts and other nuts or nerds do their trainings

bapak besar rockets ni

and this is me. 2nd malaysian spaceflight participant
nah... just kidding hehehehe

p/s: hopefully by next week i can get the gps navigator, tak ler sesat barat ;P

Monday, November 05, 2007


bila dah ada keta ni langkah pun panjang la sket hehehhe. so semalam aku pun pegi la meronda2 dekat2 area hotel aku ni (lom biasa dgn jalan & lefthand drive so suspen la sket nak gi jauh2, kang sesat la pulak smpai las vegas hehehehehe), sekali ternampak la org ramai dok gi tpt ni. ape lagi aku pun join la.

rupa2 nya ade motor shows... cool

ni bukan show dia, ni semua motor visitors... peh dasat2...

ha ni baru motor shows dia... korang layan gambar jer la...

pastu petang2 sket dema buat stunt shows lak... merempittttttttt

tapi dlm byk2 motor tu, aku rasa ni yg paling cooooooooool sekali ;P

nak tgk video stunts tu gi my youtube tapi dpt upload 2 videos jer, lagi 3 failed. bengong la youtube!

p/s: hari ni nak pi survey jalan gi opis lak...