Saturday, March 18, 2006

i amsterdamed!

my friends from aberdeen, scotland came over here for 2 weeks training & on that weekend i brought them to visit what they called "sex & drugs" city - amsterdam.
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so our mission is to find out whether those are for real :P

one of the nederland landmarks - windmill taken from train on the way to get there.
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we reached here in the afternoon so we don't have enough time to explore everthing. but got a chance to visit couple of their museums which is amsterdam historical museum & sex museum. aha! we found the sex part already. are you sure? hehehe nope, there is another best part & i'm not going to tell you. go figure!

actually we can just walk around in this city, but as the weather is killing us, we just took tram instead. to our suprise mas advertisement on their tram :) should we be proud? hmmm...
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i'm a chess player, hmmm actually yahoo! games chess player :P. my friend dfhzn told me there is a giant chess in the leidseplein. here you go, while waiting for them to finish the game. as expected, white lost! but not really a giant lorr...
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just behind us is the amsterdam hard rock cafe.

actually we were planning to stay over night here, so that we can continue the exploration tomorrow, but all the hostels or even hotels are fully booked and some hotels don't even want to rent it out since we only want it for 1 night. hampeh!
just before we heading back home, we took a break & breath in their coffeeshops. as you all may know or don't know, this is the drugs part. actually they are just a regular coffeeshops, we can have coffee, tea, cappucino or whatever that in the menu but there are some special things in the menu as well. coffeeshops here are allowed to sell small amounts of cannabis or marijuana. they have it in the cake aka spacecake and also in coffee or tea even in hot chocolate. so be carefull with what your order or you'll end up with red eyes & stoned :)
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nah... we just had our regular coffee daa... :P

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Abah said...

pesal yazid tu pemalu sangat?
takde idung ker?