Thursday, May 25, 2006

change hostname - solaris vs linux

in order to change your machine's hostname, you will need to edit some files.

for solaris:
there are 6 files you need to edit:
/etc/hostname.network_interface (e.g hostname.hme0)
/etc/net/*/hosts (3 hosts files)

but for linux:
only 1 file

for temporary hostname (i'm not sure why you need it temporary), you can use command:
hostname new_hostname

but if you want it permanent, you need to reboot the system after changing all the necessary files.

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Anonymous said...

for "/etc/sysconfig/network", i think it depends of the Linux distribution..
I think this file is ok for redHat, but I think is not for Debian..
For Debian I think this is:

Anyway... great site with very useful tips! thanks..