Monday, May 07, 2007

How to be a Great Dad - 12 Awesome Tips

i found this article on how to be a great dad here at

the 1st tip is:
  1. Put their interests first, always. Do you enjoy drinking or smoking? Guess what — it’s not good for them, and you’re setting an example with everything you do. I quit smoking about 18 months ago not for my sake, but for my kids. Now, it is still important to take care of yourself (otherwise you can’t take care of them), but you should still have them in mind.
and this remind me to the conversation with my son a few weeks ago...
- while i was driving back home from fetching abang from his school, abang & adik was arguing about using the word "aku". actually adik was using "aku" & abang told adik not to use that word & told her sister that she can only use the word when she grown up. the conversation went like this:

adik: aku bla bla bla (i can't remember what was the sentence)
abang: daddy, adik cakap aku daddy. (abang reported to me)
me: adik, not good la cakap aku.
abang: aah, dah besar cam daddy jer nanti boleh cakap aku.

and then out of nowhere abang asked me:
abang: daddy, abang besar nanti boleh hisap rokok cam daddy?
dang!!! check mate aku!
me: !!?? (terkedu sekejap before i said no cannot, not good)

well i guess it's time for me quit smoking... nahhh not now :P may be later...

anyway, go read the article above. good one!


singautara said...

kuang kuang kuang,
bazir pitih jaaaa isap rokok nih...

dfhzn said...

Hehehe..hisap rokok dalam toilet laa.

SysAdmin said...

Ko kena contact Apai ni,

Joey aka Rizal said...

Mcm org kedekut jer everytime singa gives his opinion. Anyway, lesson for me, I have to quit smoking bila bini mengandung.

singautara said...

bini aku selalu cakap aku kedekut...:)
tapi actually save budjet ler...jgn mare naaaaa buat perokok perokok...hehe

compton said...

Hey guys! Don't beat yourselves up unnecessarily! Cast your mind back to your own childhoods, how important was it to you then whether or not your fathers smoked? If I try to think of which of my friends' dads I respected most, whether or not they smoked or drank was really not important one bit! Now, my dad was a smoker, and I never had any respect for him - but not because he smoked, but because he was, I'm afraid to say, wimpy. He was not much of a man.
It is not the mark of a man to be desperate to impress others. Do what you know is right, for all those you meet, strive to be honest and truthful to your children, and you may show them useful lessons for life.
You don't know if you will fail or succeed, not until they are grown up enough to tell you themselves. There is no easy one-size-fits-all fix :) But don't sweat the small stuff hey!