Monday, September 01, 2008

exotic bangkok

some tips for the travelers:

1. upon arrival at the airport, u can get public taxi-meter to go to the bangkok city. so no need to pay extra for airport limo/transfer. its should be around 400-500baht

long q in the immigration

diorang yg pakai uniform ni actually driver taxi tapi pakai motor, murah la sket tambang ;P

2. u can get the city maps from the airport for free.

3. in the city, before u get into the taxi or tuk-tuk, better deal the fare first because most of the taxi drivers don't use meter & tuk-tuk should not more than 200baht per trip. but be careful if they offer u with low fare, ada udang disebalik batu tu normally they will bring u to the other places first like jewellery/souvenir shops etc (they will get tips from the shop owners)

say NO!!!

4. or u can get into their BTS train or MRT. even cheaper!

ni maps BTS train. MRT dia tak sempat nak naik
nak dadah?
5. iman kena kuat especially for guys, "the girls" and "pretty boys" are almost everywhere. the pimps/bouncers will simply approach u to offer the services, even they themselves will approach u.

mau try?

6. in patpong night market, u can clearly see the pole girls dancing half naked. no cover charge to enter the clubs but don't be surprise with the drink prices, especially for the exotic shows. here they will simply drag u in to see the shows...

baru nak gi kerja...
7. must try/do - thai/foot massage (sure terlena lah), of cos tomyam (no need to tell la), sticky rice with mango (suuuuwitttttttt), tailor made suits/shirts (1 day boleh siap) among other things...

8. market or bazaar at Chatuchak, Patpong, Pratunam. cheap2 especially home decor, souvenir, clothing etc. bargain skills kena tahap tertinggi with no mercy ;)

9. halal meals/foods - mostly have 1 or 2 shops at their mall food courts like at Platinum, MBK etc. and of cos at Arab Street, Sukhumvit.

10. tax refund for tourist. but only at the shops with "VAT Refund". 7% of the total u spend.

these only the things i can recall. of cos the list should be longer but can't cover all in 4 days. overall bangkok is exotic place with a lot of things to explore! should go & check it out yourself ;)

long live the kings!

p/s: i asked my wife "can i go here again alone or with my frens?" well i think u can guess what her answer. apa tak nya, berdua dgn dia pun ade jugak nak goda2 aku :P
she covered all the details in her blog.


VAGG said...

panjang ooooo entry.. BUKAN SENANG nih nk soh daddy abg gegirl post entry cemnih. ekekekeke

Shopaholic Mama said...

Its really not 'safe' for men to go Bkk alone or in group. But for ladies outing to Bkk ourselves, sure no problem. Amacam???

swit@kon said...

best best...
thanks for the tips tau!

Abah said...

Jommmm... thehehe..

Anonymous said...

bro, nak tnya, aku xphm tip no.3,pe kaitan dgn kite kalo diorg bwk g kedai jwellery amik tips? 1 lg yg no.10, refund tu kalo kite g ngara mana2 pn mcm tu ke?atau kt thai je? n mmg 7% je? base on what? sorry kalo rasa soalan ni mcm ntah pe2, tp really need d answer.. tq


ashterix said...

@Shopaholic Mama,
for ladies oso not 'safe'. not 'safe' for our wallets :P


bazir masa kita la, unless u like to go to all those shops. lagi satu its could be fake ones.

refund tu negara lain pun ada. 7% from total yg kita shopping.

one love said...


prebetsabu said...

yuhuu.. org glamer spt anda telah di tag d masvionanas.blogspot.. sile2

Hannan said...


we go together la bro

sure can la

we go tabligh bro..


mem sure kasi. kite pakai jubah gi airport nanti!