Thursday, October 19, 2006

quick updates!

been long time not updating my blog. quite busy with something...

some updates:
bloggers idol - guess what? my wife is the winner of the bloggers idols 2006.
congratulation mummy! you deserved it. proud of u muahhhhhhh :*

did some wiring for my house alarm system with my brother in law. fyi, my house been broke in recently. dang!!! tak leh harap security guard dah!

and of cos for raya celebration, busy make up + painting my house... till now still haven't finish yet. question: purple matching ngan color apa ek?

in the other hand, i'm celebrating my birthday today. happy birthday to me! thanks for the gifts yang!

lastly, i would like to wish to those who celebrating...
selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin. berhati2 di hari/jalan raya :)

p/s: reminder for myself! pi bayar zakat fitrah.


Red Mummy said...

sapa2 yang teringin nak baca latest entry pasal life of owner of this blog, adalah dinasihatkan pi aje kat blog akak.

coz blog pakcik ni bukan jenis update hari2....

singautara said...

kekekekekekek, pakcik tuh hensem ka tidakkkk?,
akak punya msg baru jaaa ambo luluskan dlm blog ambo...hehe