Thursday, February 28, 2008

housekeeping core files

since i've enabled the coreadm for all my solaris servers, i keep getting alerts on file systems full cause of fill up by those core files.

# coreadm
global core file pattern: /var/cores/%f.%n.%p.core
init core file pattern: core
global core dumps: enabled
per-process core dumps: enabled
global setid core dumps: enabled
per-process setid core dumps: enabled
global core dump logging: enabled

so i came out with this 1 liner. put in the crontab. problem solved ;)

# cd /var/cores; find . -type f -name \*core ! -name \*.gz -mtime +1 -exec gzip {} \;

find . - find files in the current directory
-type f - find only file type, not directory or link
-name \*core - find only *core filename
! -name \*.gz - skip the .gz files
-mtime +1 - files before today's date
-exec gzip {} - gzip the files

go here on how to enable the core dump:

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