Sunday, May 17, 2009

SCO OpenServer

another unix flavor added into my portfolio, SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 ;)
friend of mine asked me to do the SCO installation last friday. upfront i told him that i never do any of SCO installation before so don't expect it will go smoothly. well i was right, it didn't go the way it should. we stayed up till 4am but still couldn't get it installed. dang!!!

the hardware is Dell PowerEdge R200. at first it was SATA CDROM issue. somehow SCO couldn't detect it if its connected to 2nd or 3rd SATA port. we opened up & changed to port 0 then it good to go. then half way through the hard disk couldn't be detected! turned out the SCO installation CD doesn't have this Dell RAID Controllers driver. after googling, downloading & burning necessary files, we finally made it through. yeyyy!!!

one thing about SCO installation script, it sucks big time. we have to find out ourselves on how to load those addtional drivers. there's no help or note during the installation tell us how to do so. we even need to key in all those license & code key during the installation. couldn't it wait once it get installed? well, anyway we successfully installed it, now time to configure.

on the same time we also did the FreeBSD 7.2 installation. on the same spec of hardware but the installation was straight forward & perfect. we even only use the bootonly cd, the rest downloaded through mirror. freebsd rock, SCO scissors hehehehehe :P

p/s: probably you all wonder why not use other unix or linux for that SCO box, but according to my friend, it was their legacy application running on Infromix database that only can run on SCO. whatever lor... (janji payment aku jgn lupa! hehhehe)


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berilmiah sungguh blog nie...

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ko paham ke yan?

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