Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mari ke miri (let's go to miri)

i'm away now for another business trip. this time to Miri, Sarawak for 2 weeks. gonna miss my family...hmmm actually already miss them :(

the best thing here is our hotel provide us free & unlimited internet access using their streamyx line. cool!
the second best thing is our office give us the new HP LP2465 Flat Panel Monitor instead of using our small laptop display :P

accessing solaris & linux from windows

i wish i have 1 at home!

still waiting for the 3rd, 4th, 5th & so on best things here hehehehe

but the not best thing is our office hour here start from 7am! have to wake up early lorrr...


Red Mummy said...

the worst thing about miri is

your bloody stupid company doesnt pay your hotel bills!

hey....luckily it s only for 2 wks, if it s for 2 months, how r u going to pay the marvelous hotel?

aiyok...i can spend the hotel bills for my shopping in miri ok!

marjan said...

Ko pakai software apa utk connect to linux and solaris tu? cun giler.. reflextion x ker?..

lagi satu aku myuskil.. ko kena usung monitor tu dari kl ker..?

ashterix said...

red mummy,
contractor... nak wat camna...

pakai thinanywhere & citrix daa
miri opis la bg pakai monitor tuh.

wan said...


ishhh asyik jalan je Ami....mesti rindu giler kat the kids and their mummy.....work hard daddy!!!