Thursday, August 03, 2006

search engine for UNIX system administrators

today while browsing i found this site. quite useful :) is a search engine for UNIX system administrators. Our database provides access to useful commands for all flavours of UNIX including:

Sun Solaris IBM AIX HP/UX
SGI Irix Compaq Tru64 FreeBSD is NOT is not an online database of man pages but rather a query tool to find commands or one-line scripts which provide a function in a UNIX environment. is cool because

We not only provide a searchable database of commands and one-line scripts, we also allow you to search by category making it easier to find that command you are looking for. Each coolcommand provides a summary, description and example to make your life as a sysadmin easier.

give it a try!


Red Mummy said...

elo encik ami

kawan2 awak link kat sini

awek cung ni napa x nak link kan

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Anonymous said...

cool site!