Thursday, June 14, 2007

forbidden city

before we left beijing we managed to go to their forbidden city. only 5 stops away from our hotel by subway.

forbidden things if you're using the subway :P

from guomao to tian' anmen east
another forbidden thing :P or you'll cut your finger

out from the subway you reach the Tiananmen Square ala2 dataran merdeka la...

and this is the main entrance to the forbidden city

the inside

this is where you need to buy the ticket before you can enter the building & museums inside. besar giler tpt ni tak larat nak explore semua, silap lak dtg time tghari. so mana yg larat jer la kitorang singgah.

one of the museums there.
after a few hours kitorang pun cabut balik...ironicnyer aku jumpa satu jer benda forbidden kat dlm ni, dilarang tangkap gambar kat dlm museums dia :P

before reach our hotel, layan pulak mongolian fashion show ni... comei jugak amoi2 mongolian ni hehehe :P

i'm back in kl now... a few tips for those yg nak pegi beijing:
- most of the taxi drivers can't speak english, so you better ask somebody to write in chinese the destination you want to go or you'll end up somewhere else like us!
- bargain skill kena tahap tertinggi, tpt2 cam pearl market/silk street, ya siu, yue siu kat sini mcm2 ade dr clothing sampai la IT gadgets/stuff. at least bargain sampai 25-30% from the offered price!
- kat ya siu ade 2 kedai halal kat food court dia. satu lagi taj pavillion, ni mahal sket. satu lagi opposite road of the motorola & hp building, lupa la nama dia. tp taste lain macam la sket & kenkadang menu in chinese je so main tunjuk gambar jer la... or bring you own foods meggi ke :P
- site seeing places mmg byk la, tp must go great wall. 1 day tour dlm 220yuan per person including lunch & cable car nak naik atas.

overall nice & amazing place!
ok choew. sie-sie :)

p/s: bot the 32GB thumb drive hehehe

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