Friday, June 01, 2007

Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

after a week in beijing, i only found 2 halal restaurants here. of course the taste not the same as food in kl but telan gak la... dlm menu pedas, tapi order tak pedas mana. makan meggi lagi sedap!

overall beijing is quite big & clean city & growing with everywhere here we can see new buildings under constructions!
maybe i only saw the best part of it or maybe it is because olympic games coming soon, whatever la... it is nice place anyway except food & of course language, they hardly/don't know to speak english... but luckily most of the signboards got english words & the their subway too.

i didn't bring the camera, here is the mascots of olympic taken with my L6 :)

my wife & kids will arrive here tomorrow morning. she'll brings the camera, so more photos coming soon... ohh she'll brings cili padi too..yahoooo

p/s: i still haven't found the 32GB thumb drive iskkk!!!


amni said...

assalamualaikum bro,
boleh tumpang tanya sket tak? reti guna NS2 tak? network simulator? saya ada kena buat research ni. ns2 stabil kalau pakai dalam unix env. tapi tak familiar dgn unix/linux ni.

tima kasih

ashterix said...

ws amni,

aiseh... tak penah guna la ns2 tu :P