Saturday, June 09, 2007

great wall of china

last sunday we took 1 day tour to the great wall. started as early in the morning at 7am. only 8 of us in this so call mini bus but my son call it van.
our 1st stop was Ming Tombs
the tourist guide brief us what is this place about
next stop was Jade factory. well nothing much here except they explained how the jade was made & how to tell whether the jade is fake or real.
next finally we arrived at the entrance of the great wall
to go up we use this what they call skywalker, but feel like riding rollercoster especially when sliding way down :) us at great wall of china. dlm pukul 11am, berkabus sket & sejuk cam kat genting. ramai giler tourist!
the bears
we left the wall after spending 2hours up there. amazing place & quite tiring especially if you explore the wall till the end!

huge lorry! what we call this?
next stop is the cloisonne factory
their yet to open disney land
we pass by the olympic village, still under construction & must be ready by end of this year!
and the last stop was Silk museum. this is how they made silk.
and we reached our hotel at 6pm with tiring faces & great experience :)

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