Saturday, June 30, 2007

i owe you

if you read my wife's blog, you'll notice that she just bought 2 new pairs of sport shoes. during the payment, she was short of cash & asked me to top up. sure no problem.

one the way back my wife asked me "how much do i owe you"?
this question keep me thinking, in this modern world where husband & wife are both working for living, shouldn't the expenses be shared together. we no longer live in 70's or 80's anymore and i'm sure if we ask 10 couples or even 100, i'm pretty sure all of them will said that both of them are working. so my point here whether the word "owe" is appropriate? shouldn't the question was "how much do i spent our money"?

i don't know. you decide...
anyway, my answer was "you owe me 100 bucks" hehehehehe :P


mad redo1 said...

buss... tengok posting by ashterix - refer ke itu 'GAUL' punya orang kah? Kalau ya, ada koleksi kah?

ashterix said...

mat redo1,

aku tak paham. mende ko ckp ni?

dfhzn said...

dude, dia tanya pasal cartoon la. dulu time kecik2 aku pernah layan comic ni.

ijat said...

sirman,boleh bagi email ko?
aku nak tanya something pasal linux..

ashterix said...

ooo aku tak layan la katun tu :P

check kat profile.

wawa said...

when i owe my husband's money, i hardly pay him back, unless the amount is enormous.

but i make him pay me for the stuff i paid, since he is such a big spender.

and i am pretty sure that you are aware that guy's stuff are much more expensive that the ladies.

well, well, last month alone i paid for his new sport NIKE sport shoes, and his bluetooth device that cost me 1/5 of my salary.

somehow, i was at fault for dragging him to go shopping before he got his paycheck.

back to the main issue, yes, we do share our part in paying stuffs and expenses.

And he doesn't have to ask me how much he owes me. I'll just transfer the amount from his account.


[i]note; of course with his consent at the first place.[/i]

shakirah said... more utang2 antara wife n husband ek skrg..