Saturday, September 22, 2007

hottest mommy

i came across with one joke in reader's digest as per below...

A medical intern at the hospital I work at was interviewing a patient's husband.

He asked "This morning, when your wife was having seizures, were you able to get her temperature?"

After thinking for a few seconds, the husband replied, "Um, no, but I noticed that she was
HOT in bed last night."

Indeed, she's HOTTTTTT ;)

Actually what I'm trying to tell is this HOT mummy has been nominated by someone to become Hottest Mommy Blogger at

If you all think that she's HOT, well of cos not as HOT as what I got ;), then head up to

to vote her as Hottest Mommy Blogger

Thanks ya!


Lily.Lulu. said...

dah vote dah !! wuhuuuuuuuuuuu !! go mummy go !! hawt hawt :D

n Z r A said...

dah vote gak....
anyway encik sirman..boleh tolong tak
i'm a mac user..kire beginner lah ni..
anyhow, my university somehow block p2p nye connection ke apetah and my ym and msn msgr takleh log in.
my frens yg gune windows cume perlu ubah kat connection preferences to no proxies..then diorg bleh log in
but i dah try kat mac ni still tak bleh2..
argh pressurenye..tolong la encik sirman..saye windu emak saye..saye mahu gune ym.. =(

hit me back plss..
thru my blog/email :

ashterix said...


alamak... i'm not mac user :(
wish to have mac, tp lom mampu.
so kena tanya la student2 lain yg pakai mac.