Saturday, October 27, 2007


touched down Houston airport at 130pm local time on last Sun. my colleague was kind enough to pick me up & show me around before taking me to my hotel.

i'm staying near to Texas Medical Center. this huge area is not only for medical thingy like clinics, hospitals, pharmacies or medical centers but also place of schools, universities, museums, park etc (tpt org2 cam hannan & shah hehehe)
after all, houston is famous for their medical expertise.
the first few days here was kinda tough for me since my head still following KL time, jetlag gila! on that monday i still sleep following KL time, from 11am till 7pm local time and can't sleep at all on that night. as a result i'm like a zombie the next morning in the office :D

then try to adjust with their different things over here from food, people up to their weather is another challenge. i don't mind the others but i miss malaysian food very much :(

taking this metro rail to office

downtown, houston. near to my office

but now i'm OK already, no more jetlag :). so time to explore houston!
more to come. stay tune!

p/s: weekend ni nak pegi survey2, my lailing dah bagi list to shop ni ;)


Shah said...

Patut la tengah makan2 open house tetiba aku tersedak semalam. Namaku disebut di sini rupanya. Hahaha... Melepas la kau kat Mesia tgh musim open house belaka sekrg ni. Nanti habis la Lailing u naik badan dia by the time u're back here... Hehehe...

Lily.Lulu. said...

sirman ..

untuk lily ada jugak kan???
hehehehe :D

sian die rindu makanan malaysia
kat sini leh makan roti canai, macam2 laa ..
mmm .. sedapnya


Hannan said...

waaaaaaaaaaah... sungguh bangga namaku di mention di blog ni... hehehe..... thanks bro. and, alang2 dah asyik online tu... letak aaa gambar awek2 us bnyk sket kat blog ni... baru masyukkkkk... hehehehe... kite ntah biler la bole lepas masuk us ni...iskh2