Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linux Explorer

it has been a while i'm not writing about tech unix/linux stuff here. so here we go...

we are having a strange problems with one of our linux servers here - Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS (Pensacola) running on Sun Fire V60 (hardware ni dah end of service dah pung)

this machine keeps on automatically reboot by itself at least once a week. no significant errors found in log files, even i turned on everything in syslog.conf from debugging till all the info.

but since we still have vendor support for this machine, i logged a call to them. so they ask me to install Linux Explorer ala2 Sun Explorer to collect some data so they can dig in for further analysis.

Linux Explorer (LINUXexplo) indeed is a cool tool, well actually it just a shell script. once you excute it, it will generate a .gz file so you can easily pass to the vendor or you can also check by yourself under /opt/LINUXexplo/linux/ where all the info/data saved.

example of info/data collected:
# ls
boot etc httpd logs network rhn selinux system X
disks hardware kernel lp proc san software var yp

but sad to say, the vendor also couldn't find anything that caused the reboot :(
anyone can help me here?


amran said...

time reboot tu consistent ka? or ada certain time saja.

cuba letak kernel.panic = 0 dalam /etc/sysctl.conf..tengok lepas ni kalau crash dia reboot lagi ker tak.

cuba try test tengok...hehehe.

Lily.Lulu. said...

alaa ..
tatau pasal nih
tak dapat nak tlg

SysAdmin said...

Bapaknya oldies RHAS 2.1 tu...pakai Update berapa?
Kalau ada subscribe support dengan RHN, run je sysreport & submit ticket.