Wednesday, December 05, 2007

SeaWorld, San Antonio - part 2

we reached there almost at 11am, then go straight for early lunch. actually not early in US, people do go lunch at 11am. not many people coming during this time, probably cos of cold weather & we joking about only us crazy malaysian going here during this time :) whatever la...

where do you want to go first

anywhere also can la

this lady saw us cam blur2 & asked "can i help you guys"

since there are schedules for each show, we decided to watch these sealions show first

then dolphins, jinak giler

burung ape ntah ni

this 4D show memang best, siap ade kuor air, angin semua. abih basah baju

the best show - shamu the killer whale

be careful on where you seat, cos you'll end up wet. shamu ni pandai splash air kat audience

pastu ape lagi layan rides dia la pulak

save the best for the last - rollercoster

rasa cam tertinggal isi perut kat atas nun

if you think the above rollercoster scary, wait till you ride this one

siap tunggang terbalik

since not many people around & being typical malaysian, we took more than 2 rounds for each ride hehehee, well except for the tunggang terbalik one i just can go 1 round. turun2 jer terus pening kepala aku!!!

it was great place & we were having good time there except for the entrance fee = USD50!!! dang! almost RM200 tuh. kopak aku. tapi taper elaun dah masuk :)


mikaounik said...

woowoooo best laa rollercoaster tue..sure naik jerit bagai nak giler kan ?? hahahaaaa...

best tak ngan penguin tue??cute laaa

Contest said...

itu burung flamingo namanya, mr flamingo, to be more precise...kan kaki dia ada color pink...kalau depa nari in groups, cantik banget....


serena gossip girl said...

best giler..
really love roller coaster
and the sea lion.. soo..cute...

Lily.Lulu. said...

giler laaaaaaaaa
roller coaster tuh x leh blah
kalau kita naik konpem jerit tak hengat dunia

manyak syiok !!

sirman .. tolong bawak balik roller coaster tuh untuk kita


Anonymous said...

this is the best part of travelling. Be there, took loads of pics & ppl like me who have yet to go there will be like soooo jealous n sooo teringin :)

Reen said...

best2 tgk shamu tue...
bila dia kasi big splash sapa2 yg duduk kat front area abis basah kuyup..hehe dahla skrg winter season..sure sejuk giler! :D