Thursday, December 20, 2007

selamat hari raya

last weekend tak byk sgt activity, just pi shopping sket2 kat San Marcos
lagipun my colleague from KL office coming over, so just showed him around & let him do the driving, menggagau dia bawak ke kiri ke kanan hehehhehe

weather dah la sejuk, pastu ngan angin dia lagi... pehhh rasa sampai tulang

shopping sket2 pun penuh gak bonet keta :P

anw, just wanna wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. kalo makan rendang tu ingat2 la org jauh kat sini. kalo ade Malaysian Hall cam kat Aussie tu leh la gak tumpang sekaki. no special celebration for raya, business as usual.

kitorang layan benihana jek

since christmas pun nak dekat, my office ade buat luncheon & white elephant game
best jugak main white elephant ni, each of us need to bring 1 gift (depends on your own rules, for us any gifts less than usd20 will do) & put your name in the box. so 1st person will draw 1 name from the box, whoever the name is, the person then can pick any gifts yg ade tu & have to open up the wrap & show the gift so everybody could see what the gift is. he/she then will draw another name. the next name have a choice to open up new gift or can simply steal the opened one. and so on... but the gift only can be stolen for 3 times & the last person who got it will be permanently his/her. quite fun actually, the most popular gifts were actually the gift cards with usd20 in it. these cards keep on changing from 1 person to anothers. lucky who finally got them!

btw, i ended up with eric clapton's cd! dang!


Red Mummy said...

that cd can put in my car...


Abah said...

rindu siot ngan ko... :D
rambut dah panjang ke?

Shah said...

Seronok gak buat game camni. Nanti ada event kat rumah nak curi la idea game ni.

ashterix said...

for sure :)

aku dah gunting rambut daa...
miss u too ahaks

jgn lupa jemput aku nanti hehehe