Monday, December 03, 2007

SeaWorld, San Antonio

i don't know about others, but for me whenever i fly abroad (ceh cam selalu jek pi oversea :P) i feel really glad if i bump into another malaysian (rasa cam balik kampung pun ada hehehe) especially if you are travelling alone. we malaysian have our own unique needs, so at least there is a person to share some info about the place, where to eat malaysian taste alike food (kalo ade la), and for muslim where to get halal food, where to shopping cheap2, sites seeing and other tips that might come handy.

so, last 2 weeks while i was walking around at the mall, a couple approached me and asked

"are you malaysian?"
"aah" (dang! i tot my face look like italian :P) actually i saw them first & i knew they are malaysian.

and from there on we talk2 about this place. like i said above information sharing :)
turned out the wife is actually working the same company but only in different location. she's also seconded here for 3 months & her husband coming over to pay the water bill :P
there are 9 of them here actually.

so last friday they asked me whether i wanted to join them to go to SeaWorld, San Antonio
definately i wanted to go.

on saturday i woke as early at 6am, drove to their place and joined them for breakfast. at 730am we start our driving that gonna take about 3-4 hours. 8 of us (2 of them decided not to join in last minute) with 3 cars. the couple gonna stay overnight in San Antonio while the rest of us gonna back to Houston in the same day.

to be continued... i want to do my laundry first :)


sebol said...

cepat la balik malaysia
lawan futsal

Lily.Lulu. said...

laa .. continue pulak

Contest said... the sea world personal fav is shamu....

been to sea world orlando, san diego and gold coast...orlando paling shiok.....


ashterix said...

sabo la... takkan lari futsal dikejar :P

peh semua tpt hang dah pi...

Contest said...

ado lah sikit2 .....

Nadh said...

Mr Red a.k.a Encik Sirman,

Betul ke kalau jadi programmer(Encik programmer kan?) boleh do alot of travelling?

Kalau cammm tuuu.. Nadh nak ikot lah jejak Sirman ni. Heh.

ashterix said...


nope i'm not programmer. kuli jek :P
act kalo nak travel a lot, try to work with mnc company ;)

Nadh said...


I'll keep that in mind. Hee.

Maceh. :)

mnajem said...

sama macam aku kat Peking Univ dulu..student m'sia tegur kami sebab pakai jacket Malaysia.

terasa macam atlit le plak :p