Sunday, January 06, 2008

cuti-cuti texas - day 2

sorry la lambat update... tak kan tak biasa kot, aku ni bukannya rajin sangat nak update blog cam bini aku tu ;)

k sambung citer cuti-cuti texas - day 2. from our hotel at San Antonio we drove to San Marcos to do some shopping sket2. sket2 apa... 2 boxes aku bwk balik. kopak dah aku! kat San Marcos ni ada 2 outlets center besar gila - prime & tanger outlets. aku rasa ada sebesar 3 kali padang bola la. we were there on 23rd Dec, dia punya christmas sales mmg tak ingat, tu yg nampak semua murah jek, siap lupa nak convert the currency!

once finish with the shopping, our next itenary was to go to the wonderworld about only a few miles from the outlets center. this place divided into 4 sections - petting park, earthquake-formed cave, Anti-Gravity House & Tejas Observation Tower.

entrance fee = usd18. wonder cave tu quite interesting gak la, anti-gravity house tu buat aku pening kepala jer and the rest not really interesting, biasa2 jer. by the time we finished with the tour it was already 5pm, so we straight away drove back home.

this is our hotel for usd60 pernite. boleh la buat tido...

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